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Required office environment beautification products Aosns multimedia desktop socket
Editor:    Click:   Date: 2013-4-27

As electronic products in our life and work plays an increasingly important role, so we work or meetings, we often use some computers, projectors, microphones, etc., which are inseparable connection interface, in order to more convenient and safe use of these instruments mounted on the desk in a both beautiful and practical secure desktop socket is very important. This will recommend a magical and beautiful desktop socket! AOSHENG (Aosens) Multimedia lengthened aluminum panels desktop socket module can be customized Model: AS-ZH-Z701 Price: 240 yuan cash outlets Tesco Price: 180 yuan their products described in the following:

1 Select the power supply module according to customer requirements the number and type British standard socket, American standard socket, GB sockets, German standard socket, French standard socket, multi-outlet. Generally use multi-socket fit most standard plug, safe and reliable.
(2) according to customer requirements weak number and types of modules (VGA socket, USB socket, HDMI high-definition interface, computer socket, telephone socket, socket 2 video, audio jack, 3.5 headphone jack, 6.5 audio jack, XLR sockets, switches etc.)
3 sizes available according to the customer choose the appropriate hole size products, in principle, in-kind opening must generally recommended to open 1-2mm.
4 selectable according to customer requirements to open flip-up, slider, ceiling-mounted, electric flip, manual flip, flip brush, lift, multi-media boxes and other control panels and threading methods desktop socket
5 tables inserted under the environment used to select products color.

Aosens whole series tables plug Features:
1 panel technology in Europe oxidation, drawing oxidation, sandblasting oxidation and paint spraying process, cleverly integrated into the desktop environment.
(2) Panel Material zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and T5-strength aluminum alloy, etc., up to the maximum panel thickness 6mm, global industry last panel, high strength, safety and reliability.
3 control multiple choice; import control components to ensure product turned soft, safe, convenient, quiet.
4 Only a few screws, easy to install and flexible.
5 configuration according to customer demand combine any extensions.

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