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Hewuji Village Industrial Zone, Sijia, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
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About Us

In 1988, the Company was founded in Taiwan by its President, Mr. Huang Shenglang. Based on the spirit of truth-seeking and hardworking, its business kept on expanding. To maintain sustainable operation and provide services for customers, Shengda Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was founded at Shijie Town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, in 1998.

Engineering plastic injection molding and mould development, involving bakelite molding compound, urea molding compound, glass fiber and polyester molding compound.

On the base of experience in development and manufacturing of the above materials, our production technologies gets more perfect and improves greatly. By the introduction of advanced equipment and modernized operation philosophy, our professional quality wins deep trust from customers. President Huang, as well as the staff of Zhanxiang Electrical Equipment Plant, is grateful for your kind supports during our growth. We will provide more excellent quality and perfect service for you.

Employee and the Company
Open discussion and free communication.
We firmly believe that employees are the most important asset in our company.
Everyone is respected and cared here, meanwhile, we share such spirit to every customer of Shengda.

Product and service
We provide competitive products and services so as to pass strict comparison test and increase market share.
We keep on improving product and innovation capability and advance with top technologies.
Every piece of product can be traced to specific responsible individual so as to ensure the high quality of product.

Management and administration
Our goal is to reduce the cost of product and maintain reasonable price.
We have crisis awareness: We believe in our mission deeply and understand that it is the right opportunity to achieve our goal and mission.
We create, realize and share.

Brand goal
Based on professional technicians, strong technical force, advanced equipment, precise instruments, scientific management and complete after-sale service, Shengda persists in the purpose of “Quality first, Reputation first, Customer first” and the internationalized goal of “Top-class image, Top-class product, Top-class benefit”. We will exploit the market with the most creative products and return the market with the most complete after-sale service.

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